Blessing Dorje Phurba TsaTsa

Tibetan Dagger Known as kīla in Sanskrit, a phurba is a three-sided peg, stake, dagger, or nail-like ritual instrument often associated with the tantric deity Vajrakīlaya. The phurba is used as a ritual implement to signify stability and to overcome demonic obstacles.

A traditional Tibetan Buddhist Dorje Purba Tsa Tsa containing the essence, power and protective energies of the enlightened deity Vajrakilaya (Phurba), the protective form of Guru Rinpoche. Handmade performed it together with a little more then The Great  lamas and monks, wich all possess the three trainings, supreme devotion and a perfectly pure motivation.
During seven days, they opened the sacred mandala of the Excellent Vase of Prosperity, wich is the instruction possessing the flavours of the dakini's breath, the heart essence of the Maha Guru of Oddiyana and the essence of all the teachings of the supreme  Lingpa Lineages, who is supreme amongst the ocean of tertöns., the Phurba Tsa Tsa  contains wrathful energies that help with problems related to spirits. 

Representing the indestructible nature of the enlightened mind, the Phurba Tsa Tsa  can transform negative emotions into positive ones, thus eliminating ignorance, greed and hatred in the long run. It also provides powerful protection and helps overcome life's challenges. The casing protects the delicate chakra from damage and keeps it dry.

The Phurba  Sacred Ingredients

Parts of the saddle of Nub Namkhe Nyingpo Nyizer
Nose blood of the Mahasiddha Thangtong Gyelpo
Pieces of brain and clothes from the omniscient Longchen Rabjam
Piece of clothes and flesh of Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa
Bones of Drubchen Melong Dorje
Flesh from the seven incarnations of Yarje Orgyen Lingpa
Flesh from Terchen Guru Chöwang
Clothes from Orgyen Terdak Lingpa
Clothes from Terchen Ratna Lingpa
Terchen Taksham 
Pieces of clothes from the lineage lamas of the Longchen Nyingtik
Hairs from Nyakla Jangchub
Bones, hairs and clothes from Vajradhara Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
Clothes from Yachen Lama Achö
Long life pills made with a thousand samaya substances
Pills to avert harm from gods, demons and humans
Pills of prosperity made with bones of the past realised vidyadhaeas of the great Nyingma school form all directions
Ringsel of the past Kagyu masters of all directions
One of the twenty five body representations made from the nectar of the body remains of Vajradhara Dilgo Khyentse
Sacred substances from the filling of a Rahula statue, handmade by the supreme Orgyen Lingpa
Great black pill from Namtso
Red nectar pills from Taklung

Pills prepared according to the hundred thousand sections of Kathog

If one wears this wish-granting Tsa Tsa  of prosperity on one's body, it is the liberation through wearing (Amulet). One will be protected from all outer, inner and secret obstacles and one's lifespan, merit, power and energy will increase. It is the supreme sacred substance that liberates upon being tasted, the medicine that cures all diseases, and the nectar that reverses death and shuts all doors of lower rebirth. It is particularly necessary and important in these present times and circumstances. Therefore, higher or lower beings, free of doubts and with great respect, should see these sacred substances as supreme and rely upon it. From the Dense cloud of Padmasambhava's wisdom compassion, this great wish-granting Tsa Tsa of prosperity has excellently come into being. May whoever tastes it be instantly liberated and be reborn in a place of great benifit and happiness

Directions for Use

  • Wear as a pendant

  • Hang in the car

  • Keep in your pocket, wallet or bag

  • Place on the altar

  • Hang over the front door

  • Keep in a clean and dry place

Complement the power of this chakra by chanting the mantra: