Khampagar The Old Tsa Tsa Amulet

There are many sacred sites in Kham, blessed by Padmasambhava who concealed many terma teachings in many places, particularly in the great twenty-five power places, which have primary and secondary affinities with either Buddha's body, speech, mind, attributes or activities.

Khampagar is the seat of the Khamtrul Rinpoches and formally the main monastic center of the Drukpa Kagyud followers in Kham, Eastern Tibet. It is devoted to the religious, cultural and artistic heritages of the lineage.

According to the lineage history, Pema Karpo was one the best-known Drukpa Kagyud lineage holders of his time in the early 15th century and was acknowledged as an emanation of AvalokiteĊ›vara. One of his main disciples, Yongzin Ngawang Zangpo, had numerous disciples among whom 45 principle ones reached the level of realization where there was no distinction between meditating and not meditating - a skillful integration of meditation into mundane life. Of these 45 realized masters the three supreme disciples were Taktsang Repa, Khampa Karma Tenphel who was the First Khamtrul Rinpoche (1548-1627), and Kongchok Gyalpo (the First Dorzong Rinpoche). Karma Tenphel had many accomplished disciples. He founded Khampagar Monastery and related institutes in Kham, built retreat centers, branch monasteries and nunneries that were finally, through his later reincarnations, to number almost 200. One such branch of Khampagar is Trulshik Adeu Rinpoche's monastery. Khampagar is especially noted for their unique and highly authentic Tokden tradition.

The Khampagar Special Rare Art

A,The Ghau Box with Tsa tsa Namtose

B. Stupa Tsa tsa

C. Black Pill Tsa Tsa