The Yoga Wisdom Yab Yum Deity

yab-yum,  (Tibetan: “father-mother”), in Buddhist art of IndiaNepal, and Tibet, the representation of the male deity in sexual embrace with his female consort. The pose is generally understood to represent the mystical union of the active force, or method (upāya, conceived of as masculine), with wisdom (prajna,conceived of as feminine)—a fusion necessary to overcome the false duality of the world of appearances in the striving toward spiritual Enlightenment. The use of sexual union as a symbol of mystical union evolved from Indian Tantric thought. It was never fully accepted by the Buddhists of China and Japan. Even in Tibet theyab-yum images are not intended for general use but are meant to be viewed only by those who have received proper instruction concerning their esoteric significance. In Tibet, entreaties are considered more efficacious when made to a deity in the company of his consort, and the tutelary deities (yi-dam) adopted by monks and priests are invariably represented in the yab-yum attitude.

The Wisdom YabYum Deity

Matrial: Mix Silver Thogchag
Size : 4"

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